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Estate Camusericht
County Perth
Grid Reference NN 465635
Acreage 11895
OS 1:50k Sheet 42 Glen Garry & Loch Rannoch
Owner Compania Financiera Waterville SA
Owner Address Po Box 6-4298
Samuel Lewis Avenue
El Dorado
Property Address
Website http://www.lochericht.co.uk
Further Information See also Ben Alder Estate and Corrievarkie Estate which together trade under the name of The Loch Ericht Estate
Contacts Patrick Thompson, Loch Ericht Estate Office. tel: 01528 522253
Email Patrick Thompson
Registers of Scotland Sasines Search Sheet No. 31844 & 44819
Registers of Scotland Land Certificate No. PTH18723
Currency of Data 13 September 2004

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