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The links on the right take you to a page showing all properties currently published within a specific county. You can pan and zoom to select properties of interest and click to bring up the property page for the site selected.

Please note that the geometry of the boundaries has been simplifed for quicker loading and that there is no mapping in the background (again to speed up download times). There is, however, a National Grid 10km square guide provided.

The navigation maps have been prepared using Mapview. I recommend the following web browsers which are fully compatible with the SVG technology used:

If you are using Microsoft Explorer, you will need to download an additional plug in

The map navigation pages open in a separate window so it is perhaps advisable to right-click and open them in a new tab to avoid too much clutter.

If you are unsure of which county to look at, click here county map (pdf) for a map of the Scottish counties.